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  • General Organization for Surveillance and Testing

    Quality Is Our Sustainable Asset

    GOST Egypt

    Tally And Surveillance

    Tally And Surveillance Of Food And Projects

    General Organization For Surveillance & Testing

    GOST Inspections and Tests Company performs Tally, inspection, quality control, and supervision, surveillance of goods Which helped build our customers’ confidence in the success of his system and the progress of the company’s performance in serving the logistic field

    1. We have worked with a lot of clients, where we have the lead in distinguishing and developing to keep pace with developments and updated laws and work to create clients to walk in a manner that befits the company.
    2. We do tally and inventorying of quantities during the unloading and loading operations in the ports and warehouses, and the issuance of internationally approved inspection reports
    3. Supervision of the goods on the roads and in the customs yards and in the exchange stages. Monitoring the temperatures of the refrigerated containers while they are inside the customs yards. On the road, the presence in the warehouse provides the quantity and ensures the quality of the warehousing officer’s import and export.
    4. The company reviews the stock in the warehouses, where it is completely under the control, guardianship, and control of GOST using documentary and physical mechanisms. Stock exchange is strictly controlled according to the instructions, and the exit is recorded on several electronic and paper documents. Inventory reports take place on a daily basis for all parties, regular review and inspection of the storage facility and its surroundings and these reviews occur continuously
    5. GOST monitors supply chain services at strategic points through highly experienced technicians. We work with all stakeholders to provide solutions that can achieve maximum financial benefits. Our geographic coverage allows us to provide services at the local, regional and international levels. We can manage projects on the ground to ensure that operational capabilities and project milestones are met. This includes providing an assessment of the risk mitigation of the entire supply chain, while covering elements such as logistics, warehousing, protection, and quality.