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    GOST Egypt

    Petroleum Industries

    Petroleum Industries

    General Organization For Surveillance & Testing

    GOST offers a comprehensive range of services to support and optimize your business in the oil and gas industries. Calibration it is essential to ensure that all equipment that meters, measures or allocates extracted hydrocarbons is in best working condition and providing accurate information. We can help you with logging and calibration services, emissions measurements and metering consultancy services to ensure the highest level of measurement accuracy.
    Inspection The in-service inspection code for piping system inspection is API Standard 570. Other API and ASME codes can be used as supplementary information. ASME PCC-2, NB-23 and API 570 can be used for pipeline repairs.

    The in-service inspection code for storage tank inspection is API Standard 653. Other API and ASME codes can be used as supplementary information.

    The latter two are the specific codes of the new construction; however, most of the technical requirements in design, welding, non-destructive testing and materials can be applied to the inspection, reclassification, repair and transformation of in-service storage tanks.

    • Pre-shipment Inspection Coordination
    • Calibration of gauges
    • Certification of quality system
    • Personnel training
    • Nondestructive testing