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    Textile Industries

    Textile industries

    General Organization For Surveillance & Testing

    Textile industry stages:

    In order for the textile industry to succeed in achieving the goal associated with it, it must pass through a set of basic stages, namely:

    Cloth design

    It is the process of creating shapes and designs on which the fabric will be made, and the design of the fabric depends on the experience and competence of the designers, and their good knowledge of the steps of fabric production and weaving, to ensure that their ideas and designs can be realistically applied, so that the fabric is made with the exact specifications that they are keen on. Supplied to the tissue factory.

    Yarn industry

    It is the stage in which the yarns used in the fabric are made, and depends on the factories manufacturing their own threads, or buying them from the factories that manufacture them, and all the threads are made in the same way, whether they are natural or synthetic fibers. Textile mills are interested in weaving them according to specific standards and standards so that they can be easily wound on a reel, which is a cylindrical circle, and the thread is wound on the reel, ready for weaving.

    Textile industry

    It is the stage in which the threads are used, depending on the designs of the fabric to weave the textiles based on them, and the woven quantities depend on the demand, and the opinions of consumers about a particular material, and a textile knitting machine is usually used with one type of textiles, that is, each of the machines is distributed on its own task After the industrial process is over, it becomes easy to use the fabric in the manufacture of clothing, upholstery, and other textiles.

    The company works with many Egyptian and international companies, and in this field, Ghost Company for Inspections and Tests provides a range of services that help and qualify companies to compete at the local and external levels, and among those services:

    • Inspect the goods before shipment
    • Instrumentation and equipment calibrations
    • Setting up quality systems
    • Training
    • Occupational health and safety tests on pressure and temperature equipment
    • Analyzes and tests of samples
    • Environmental Measurements
    • Studies of thermal distribution for warehouses and production halls