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  • General Organization for Surveillance and Testing

    Quality Is Our Sustainable Asset

    GOST Egypt

    Consultation In Quality System

    Consultation In Quality System

    General Organization For Surveillance & Testing


    GOST is a fully accredited third party that can provide consulting on quality management systems (ISO 9001), environmental management systems (ISO 14001), food safety management systems (ISO 22000 and HACCP) and safety management systems (OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001)

    GOST has also certified many other management systems, including QHSE and other industry-specific and small business management system standards.

    GOST Consultation In Quality System

    GOST was developed in response to the needs of the business community for local, customer-centric companies to assist third-party certification. The development of GOST was completed and the company began operations.

    Now, GOST is the fastest growing consulting organization in the world. GOST a wide range of business customers from all fields of the industry can provide consulting to companies and organizations anywhere in the world.

    Our services include

    Auditing and consultation for:
    • ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems).
    • ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management Systems).
    • HACCP (Food Safety).
    • Good Manufacturing Practices GMP.
    • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems).
    • OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 (Safety Management Systems).
    • ISO 27001 (Security Management Systems).
    • ISO 26000 / SA 8000 (Social Responsibility).
    • ISO 10002 (Customer Satisfaction).
    • QHSE Code (Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Management System).
    • ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems).
    • Training And Certifications For Quality Courses