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    General Organization For Surveillance & Testing

    These inspections help clients minimize risks by ensuring that goods comply with industry and government regulations.

    We provide a full range of commodity inspection services for agricultural products. Carry out pre-shipment inspection; supervise the loading and unloading, weighing quality and quantity of goods. Our qualified inspectors are located at Egypt’s major ports, ready to provide services including tank and hold cleanliness, supervision, weighing, sampling and measuring.

    Tank and Hold Cleanliness

    Understanding the cleanliness of oil tanks and cargo holds is essential for the safe transportation of cargo. Contamination, intrusion, or moisture can damage or destroy your cargo, and refusal to load due to suspected cleaning issues can be costly. Our qualified inspectors will check whether the cargo holds and oil tanks are clean, dry, not contaminated by previous cargo, and free of pests.


    The samples are collected according to the contract guidelines and vary according to the type of goods, your specific requirements and international standards. At every step, we are committed to ensuring the quality of your samples. After collection, we ensure that all samples are brought back to our laboratory within the specified time to ensure that the results are representative and accurate.

    Quantity and Quality Verification Services

    GOST provides accurate and timely quality and quantity verification reports tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. We also offer loss-prevention inspections for insurance claims and assist you in meeting the inspection and certification terms in a negotiable letter of credit.

    Pre-shipment inspection

    General Organization For Surveillance & Testing

    This service can be customized according to your specific requirements, but all these services are to ensure that your products are packaged, loaded and transported according to your specifications. Shipment risks can be mitigated through reliable, meticulous supervision during loading and unloading.

    Accurate and verified weighing at the port terminal is essential to protect the value of your cargo. Real-time information about the condition of your goods allows you to make immediate decisions about whether to accept or reject them, and enables you to release payments to producers or suppliers without delay.

    Our experts can screen, measure and classify the condition of goods in warehouses, silos or port terminals according to recognized standards.