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    Project Third Party Inspection

    Project Third Party Inspection

    Project Third Party Inspection

    General Organization For Surveillance & Testing

    Industry third-party inspection refers to independent inspection services provided by inspection agencies. TPI company and provide you with the third solution of different fixed, rotating, electrical and instrumentation equipment Third-party inspection refers to independent inspection activities conducted by a third-party inspection agency hired by the buyer or seller.

    Provider Company must issue an inspection certificate after finding satisfactory results during the inspection and when they have received the shipping documents from the seller.

    The commercial value of this certificate is greater than the technical value, and it is a very important document in commercial transactions. This article explains the details of the certificate.

    Document review is a very important item in the pre-shipment inspection task, especially when this inspection is not accompanied by supplier inspection.

    In other words, the purchase order is given to the third-party inspection agency for pre-shipment inspection, and there is no inspection during the manufacturing process. In this case, TPI inspectors must pay more attention to controlling quality control records.

    At a minimum, TPI inspectors must check the following documents for pre-shipment inspection tasks of machinery and equipment:

    • Manufacturers Data Reports
    • Material Certificates
    • Dimensional Inspection Records
    • Welding and NDE Maps
    • WPS and PQR
    • Welders Qualification Records
    • NDE Reports
    • Post Weld Heat Treatment Records
    • Hydro-static Test reports 
    • Mechanical Running Test Reports (Rotary Equipment)
    • Performance Test Reports (Rotary Equipment)
    • NPSH Reports (for Pumps)
    • Strip Down Test reports

    When specified by purchase order, the TPI inspector must sign and stamp the above documents by a special “Document Reviewed” stamp.

    Project Third Party Inspection