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    Preshipment Inspection

    Preshipment Inspection

    General Organization For Surveillance & Testing

    GOST provides pre-shipment inspection (PSI) services to governments as a way of protecting import revenues for themselves and their citizens.

    It must be completed before shipment, but during commodity inspection, the buyer and seller can agree to inspect the goods in the destination country. When commodity inspection is not accompanied by vendor inspection, then precise attention must be paid to the document review. These documents are: quality control records, test reports, test procedures, material certificates, etc.

    • Goods inspection-Goods’ inspection and commodity inspection have the same meaning and the same definition, which refers to the inspection of specific goods purchased by the buyer from the seller.
    • Finished Goods InspectionThe scope of work of finished product inspection is very similar to that of goods and commodity inspection. However, store or supplier inspections have never been included in this scope of work.
    • Inspection of PackingThis provides you with information about packaging inspections, which are carried out in industrial goods before shipment and fall within the scope of pre-shipment inspections.
    • Seaworthy Packing ProcedureThis provides you with information about seaworthiness packaging procedures. The term seaworthy packaging is intended to indicate that the packaging must also strengthen and withstand the conditions of maritime transport and resist more severe stresses.
    • Quality Control in PackagingThis provides you with information about quality control during the packaging process of industrial products before shipment. Quality control during the packaging process is the responsibility of the equipment and material manufacturers.
    • Container Shipping SealsThis provides you with basic information about container shipping seals. The purpose of using these seals is to minimize the risk of unauthorized entry into the container, thereby reducing the risk of goods being stolen and smuggled.
    • Establishment Inspection ReportThis provides you with information about the company’s inspection report.

    When a third-party or second-party inspector conducts an inspection, he/she must provide his/her customer with an inspection visit report. The inspection visit report must have some characteristics, which are explained here.

    • BS STD Packing ProcedureThis provides you with information about the BS STD packaging process. The BS 1133-8:2011, Packaging code
    • Certificate of Inspection– This provides you with information about the Certificate of Inspection (COI).
    Preshipment Inspection