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    Quality Is Our Sustainable Asset

    GOST Egypt

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    General Organization For Surveillance & Testing

    We help you find innovative solutions to help develop and grow your business by finding ways to make your processes work better, easier, faster or more profitably.
    We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to ease the process of freight forwarding, whether by sea, rail, or road – including extensive import and export services.
    Our transportation services encompass marine services such as cargo and vessel services, plant and terminal operations, if you are moving freight by rail or road, we also offer essential services such as terminal manning and Weighbridge management services.

    Container shipping presents its own specific challenges – which is why we have developed services that are dedicated to that particular arena of transportation. We can offer ISO tank inspections, drum and cleanliness inspections, advance cargo information services, and import control services, for example.

    We can also offer risk management services, emergency response and incident management services; packaging and handling testing, and quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) services.


    We check, test and verify whether goods purchased on one side of the earth from the other side of the earth are of the specified quality and quantity. We provide the independent control and assurance which allows banks and the finance world to provide loans and letters of credit to those who trade, by independently assessing and assuring that the traded goods are what the parties expect them to be, in the specified quantity.