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    GOST Egypt

    Pharmaceutical Industries

    Pharmaceutical industries

    General Organization For Surveillance & Testing

    In recent years, Egypt’s pharmaceutical industry has experienced a period of great development. There is a strong local production sector. While many is orientated to the local market and imports play an important role, Egypt has emerged as a major exporter of pharmaceuticals to the Arab, Asian and Eastern European markets.

    Experts agree that the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt is very positive; rapid population growth and expansion of healthcare coverage and expenditures are key factors for growth, as well as increased awareness of health issues and modernization of the healthcare industry.

    Not to mention that Egypt has the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing base in the Middle East and North Africa, representing about 30% of the regional market, and local production covers about 93% of the market with 7% belonging to highly specialized medicines that are not produced locally.

    GOST Inspections and Tests offers a range of services for examination, testing and sampling for this activity,

    for example :

    • Inspect the goods before shipment
    • Instrumentation and equipment calibrations
    • Setting up quality systems
    • Training
    • Occupational health and safety tests on pressure and temperature equipment
    • Measurements and calibrations of tanks
    • Sampling
    • Analyzes and tests of samples
    • Environmental Measurements
    • Studies of thermal distribution for warehouses and production halls
    • Correct and qualification work for refrigeration equipment and air-conditioned halls qualification and validation