Vendor,Shope Inspection

This kind of inspection provides you with information about the second party and third-party inspection process in the manufacturing shop. This also provides lots of other articles for shop inspection practices for each equipment type.

So, there will be a proforma invoice (PI) and a purchase order (PO). The PI is issued by the compressor vendor with a detailed compressor specification and prices, and at the same time, a PO, will be issued by the chemical company which states their agreement with the specifications, and prices and ordering for the manufacturing of compressors.

The scope of work for commodity inspection is very similar to the pre-shipment inspection.

Pre-shipment inspection must be done before shipment, but in inspection of commodities the buyer and seller might agree to inspect the commodity in the destination place or country.

Based on the agreement between the buyer and seller, the commodity might be inspected by the buyer's own inspector or independent third-party inspector.

When a commodity inspected by buyer's own employee then it is a second party inspection.

The proforma invoice, purchase order, letter of credit, commodity specification and drawing must be reviewed by the inspector before physical inspection of commodity.

The third-party inspector must provide an inspection visit report to the purchaser and issue an inspection release note if the inspection result was satisfactory.

By receiving the release note, the seller can organize for shipment, and it is necessary to notify the inspector of the shipment date advance (if loading inspection is in the scope of inspection).

If the purchase fund is transferred through the letter of credit, then the Third Party Inspection Company must issue an inspection certificate.

The inspection certificate is almost always issued after the shipment of the commodity. Several documents must be submitted by the buyer to the commodity inspection company for issuing the inspection certificate including the bill of lading, certificate of origin and signed and approved packing list