Industrial Quality Control

The Industrial Quality Control provides you with information about vendors and construction contractors quality control systems, manuals, plans, forms and their basic requirements.

Inspection and Quality Control Services

Inspection and quality control services are a completely different subject. quality control refers to the vendors, construction contractors, engineering companies, and inspection refers to the third-party inspection agencies or end-user's own inspector.

When the end-user is using its own inspector, it would be a second party inspector. Third party inspection companies sometimes provide quality control services to engineering companies.

GOST as third-party inspection company can make an agreement with any construction company to do quality control for them. In this case, GOST plays the role of a third-party inspection agency, because the end-user does not designate another inspection company.

Industrial Quality Control - Quality Control for Manufacturing

Quality control for manufacturing refers to all activities that are done by vendors based on an approved inspection and test plan. When the vendors receive the customer inspection and test plan, then they would prepare and submit their quality control plan, which is necessary to meet the inspection and test plan.

Then the vendor would use their specific forms to record all quality control activities. Finally, these records would be endorsed by a third-party inspector and would be part of a final book.

Industrial Quality Control - Quality Control Document

The list of quality control document is different from one type of equipment to other. The following items are applied for mechanical equipment generally and GOST help in preparing such documents:.

Quality Control Plan, Inspection and test plan, Data Sheets, Approved Drawings, Strength calculation sheets, Material Test Reports, Welding Specification Procedures (WPS), Procedure Qualification Records (PQR), Welding Maps, Welders Qualifications Reports, NDE procedures and records, NDE Personnel qualifications Reports, Heat treatment procedures and records, Calibration Certificates for Test Equipment, Hydrostatic Testing Procedure and Water Quality Document, Special Testing Procedures and records, Quality Control Records such as fit-up, welding, dimension inspection.