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Engineering Department


They perform inspections of almost the entire range of industrial, technical products from the base material up to complete installations.
also they:

Rotating Equipment Steam and Gas Turbines, Gearboxes,
Pumps, Compressors, Diesel Engines
Centrifuges, Blowers and Fans
Electrical Equipment Induction & slip - ring Motors
Synchronous and Asynchronous Motors
DC Motors
Switchgears and Circuit - breakers.
Control Panels
Piping Material Bellows Valves (Ball, Butterfly, Gate...etc)
Ductile iron and PVC pipes
Seamless and Welded steel pipes
Forging and Castings Carbon Steel
Alloy Steel
Vessels, Steel structures Vessels
Pressure Vessels and boilers.
Heat Exchangers
Lifting Equipment Cranes (Overhead - Mobile - Gantry -Tower ...etc)
Lifting accessories (Wire Ropes - Shackles - Hooks...etc

Other activities include:

- Supervisory functions in the oil and gas filled sector, i.e. periodical inspections of gas pressure vessels, including
supervision of production and spare vessels, etc.
- Damage assessments.
- Assessment of condition of used goods.

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