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They perform inspections of almost the entire rang of chemical products from raw material up to complete packed or final product as:
-Cereals: as Edible Grainsand their Bi-Products
- Oilseeds: as Seeds Producing Oils

- Sugar: defined as the Sweet Crystalline Product of Plant Juices, Particularly of Sugar-Cane or Sugar-Beet

- Fertilizers.

- Frozen Food and Canned Foods defined as the Flesh of Animal or Birds used for Food.

- Dairy Products: Wood,Rubber,Cotton.

- Rubber and Misc. Plastics

- Paper and Paper Products, Packaging Materials

- Construction (Cement; Lime; Gypsum, Wood)

- Paints, Pigments, Drying Oils Polymers, Resins

- Textiles

- Refractors

- Glass, Ceramic

- Soaps and Detergents, Industrial and Specialty Chemicals

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