Calibrations is independent organization is an important part of a quality assurance program. It is important to know that your equipment is actually within allowed specifications. Operators must have the confidence in knowing that their equipment was calibrated by an outside organization and is traceable to SI Unit.

You can be sure that we conform to the highest of quality assurance. At GOST LAB, all calibrations are performed by qualified Engineering Technologists, and GOST’s high standards.

GOST LAB is approved and accredited from EGAC in the field of balances , weights ,pressure and temperature measuring equipments

At GOST LAB, we believe we are one of the best calibration service provider in the industry, and we’re ready to prove it. We stand behind everything we do. Every calibration lab can offer you technicians and test equipment. But you need more. More accuracy. Fast turnaround times. Service designed to meet your specific needs and most importantly, calibration services you can trust.

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Excellent turnaround times (expedite service available).
  • On-site calibration services.
  • Full calibration reports with test uncertainty values.

What we calibrate?

# Mechanical Electrical Dimensional
1 BalancesAmmetersCalipers
2 Hardness TestersCapacitanceDepth, Height & Bore Gauges
3 Load CellsVolts AC/DCDial Indicators
4 Pressure CalibratorsCurrent AC/DCMicrometers
5 Pressure GaugesMultimetersTape Measures
6 Pressure TransducersData Loggers Indicators
7 ScalesDecade Boxes Levels
8 Torque WrenchesPanel Meters Thickness Gauges
9 Humidity InstrumentationPower Supplies Temperature
10 Wet & Dry Block CalibratorsResistance Chart Recorders
11 PressureTransmitters Controllers
12 ControllersRecorders Digital/Glass/Infrared
13 Pneumatic Gauges Thermometers
14 Hydraulic Gauges RTD Simulators
15 Sensors Dry Well Calibrators
16 Transducers Thermocouple (J/K/S/T types)
17 Vacuum Gauges RTDs
18 Tachometers Indicators