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Apparaisal & Insurance


It is the determination of the market/current value of the assets and liabilities of the item under evaluation, for the sake of determining its appropriate value. This is attained through the high level of expertise and qualified employees authorized by the Central Bank of Egypt

The purposes are:

Assets evaluation and appraisal services include, yet not limited to:


Usually, on demand by banks to determine secured loan amount to the Banks customers, against a property. Or in cases of merger between two or more companies, when entering a stock market, or when liquidating a business.

Classification List for area of activity covered by GOST



Loss and damage survey.
Claim settlement service of inspection to fulfill the requirements of claims of the behavior of insurance companies or policy holder.
Investigation survey to find facts in loss case covered by insurance and to verify the loss claimed by policy holder. Survey on the behavior of insurance company before issuing the insurance certificate.

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