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Welcome To GOST Egypt

General Organization
For Surveillance & Testing

Established by experts having more than 25 years of experience, GOST is currently one of the world's leading inspection & certification companies. GOST succeeded in defining itself as the number one "Go to" company when it comes to the quality of technical inspection, surveying and quality control "QC". All of this while maintaining a wide range of fields to service, such as and not limited to; industrial applications, petroleum installations, testing, measurement and analysis, consulting, feasibility and environmental studies.


In GOST we constantly aim at providing our clients with the utmost levels of quality and outstanding of service to reach their full satisfaction and expectations.

We achieve this by fully understanding the customer needs and by committing all the needed resources to solve their problems.

This is achieved by:

  • Qualified staff with long & vast international experiences.
  • World-class management experience.
  • Continuous process of training and skills upgrading of the staff.
  • Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our operations and services.


GOST management always seeks the newest standards, techniques, and instruments to provide our clients with the quality they deserve. Throughout the years, the constant search for quality improvement has been our most differentiating factor in the market and it gained us the valuable trust and confidence of our clients.

In GOST, we believe that our staff is our worthiest assets, that's why we provide a stable,

Our company has had the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 certificates since its establishment; it has conformed to the Quality Management System year 2019 have its own calibration lab and ISO 17025

GOST is recognized for the diversity of the fields in which it operates; such as inspection, calibration ,environmental testing ,certification/consultation services, training , quality control, destructive and non-destructive testing and safety, health and risk management thus allowing it to integrate and share information efficiently among its departments.

GOST is keen to reach its clients wherever they are through its offices in each of Cairo, Alexandria, Port said and Sues port , thus covering the main places in Egypt.

GOST is also proud of our working staff, which is our most important asset. The total cumulative experience of that staff, which is made up of engineers, specialists, and employees working in the field of inspection, is over the sum of 200 years of working in these fields. Caring for our clients is our first priority, which is done by the "Customer Care Department" as compared to a customer service department. We are keen to offer our maximum attention and concern, along with our services.


GOST was established in 2006 by Dr. Ali Abdelghani in the heart of the vibrant city of Alexandria, as Alexandria contains one third of the industrial capacity of Egypt, and is its biggest port.

GOST has inspected various engineering projects, appraisal, testing, consultation, and feasibility studies.

GOST improved its business scope including management system certification activities by 2007.

GOST perform the services it renders with due care and skill and apply appropriate technical and professional standards to all aspects of its work..