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About Us



GOST mission is to provide our clients with the utmost level of performance and outstanding services to reach clients complete, full satisfaction and expectation.

GOST is committed to satisfy its clients by:
- Understanding our client`s needs.
- Commitment to reach clients expectations and satisfaction.

This is achieved by:
- Qualified staff with long & vast international experiences.
- World-class management experience.
- Continuous process of training and skills upgrading of the staff.
- Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our operations and services.



GOST management always seeks new methods of research and techniques to implement its work that enables us to satisfy the needs of our clients and gain their trust and confidence.

GOST management providing a stable, supportive, and flexible work setting that encourages continuous staff development.

Our company has had the ISO 9001certificate since its establishment; it has conformed to the Quality Management System Standard.

GOST is recognized for the diversity of the fields in which it operates; such as inspection, evaluation ,expertise services, and asset damage evaluation, as well as the quality and technical consultation thus allowing it to integrate and share information efficiently among its departments.

GOST is keen to reach its clients wherever they are through its offices in each of Cairo, Alexandria, port said and Tanta, thus covering the main places in Egypt.

GOST is also proud of our working staff, which is our most important asset. The total cumulative experience of that staff, which is made up of engineers, specialists, and employees working in the field of inspection, is over the sum of 200 years of working in these fields.
Caring for our clients is our first priority, which is done by the "Customer Care Department" as compared to a customer service department. We are keen to offer our maximum attention and concern, along with our services.

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